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Flash Drive

Today I  discuss about flash drive or pen drive also it known as aportable flash drive. a flash drive is a  solid state drive and it is made by silicon chip.
A small micro silicon chip can store lots of data, such as docs,  song, zip file, exe file, movie, song, games and many other things.
Now a days a portable flash drive is very essential for computer user.
Now it’s time for know about the flash drive brand. Lots of company make flash drive, such as Transcend, kingstone,silicon power, corsair, patriot,buffalo
and sandisk etc.

Transcend is one of the trusted and world famous brand, they have lots of catagory, I mean hi speed series, drop tested, shock proof and rough and tough series.
Here the example of Transcend V70  , it have fast data read and write speed, a rubber coted body make it difference from other flash drive.
it is absulutly long lasting and rough usable pendrive.

corsair is another world famous flash drive module maker. one of the relaible brand in flash drive module history.

kingstone is a product of germany and The silicon power  is from Taiwan.
kingstone and silicon power is also very good and Trusted Brand.

patriot and buffalo is very well in memory module maker,europe, america most of people use this brand.

In asia pecific Most of people use Transcend, kingstone, and silicon power.

sandisk is another type of memory module maker, sandisk flash drive use built in antivirus on their flash drive, This future make it difference from other flash drive.
It also high relable and trusted brand. Sandisk is the Product of USA.

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Computer 4 All

Here I want to say something about computer. A computer is an Electronics Device; This Device is the combination of Hardware & Software and This Hardware and Software linker Called Operating System (OS).

Now we discuss about Computer Hardware is a list of component and thus component is touchable For Example:  Monitor. Keyboard, Motherboard, CPU (Processor), CD ROM/DVD ROM, RAM, Mouse, Hard disk, Storage Drive etc.

Now a little Discussion about Software, The software is an instructor of hardware. We use hardware by using software for example: basically all type of (.exe) file is software.

Also we know Microsoft office, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Download Manager, Adobe, Nero, VLC player, Winamp etc as software.

There have another system of software called Portable Software.

Without hardware software can’t do anything also without software hardware can’t run.

Here we discuss about Operating System (OS): Software which control the execution of computer programs and which may provide scheduling, debugging, input/output control, accounting, compilation, storage assignment, data management and related services.

Now we explain about computer hardware Brands, Here is a list of Hardware Brands Company.

Intel, ASUS, MSI. Abit, XFX Brands is good and Reliable for Motherboard.

Intel, AMD Brands is famous and Reliable Processor.

Transcend BUFFALO, CORSAIR, and PATRIOT Brands for RAM.

Now we talk about Hard Disk, A computer main storage device in this Sector HITACHI, Maxtor, Samsung, Seget, Western Digital is good Hard Disk Brands.

Optical Drive is also Very Essential for a computer Here we talk about the famous brands of Optical Drive, ASUS, HP, LG, Liton, Samsung Brands made the powerful optical Drive. Remember Optical Drive is a Example of ROM/ CD/DVD ROM.

Monitor is one of Most Essential Hardware, SAMAUNG, LG, VewSonic, hp, DELL, BENQ are the world class monitor manufacturer.

Keyboard and is computer main input device, Logitech, A4TECH, Genius, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, hp are famous for quality.

Casing is very a essential pert of a computer, Deluxe, IBM, Space is Suitable for desktop computer.

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